5 Creative Tips for an Effective Video Ad

Video advertising is used widely in marketing. It offers you a total-package opportunity to promote your business, your products or services. Video Ads can be seen on TV, on YouTube, and most especially on social media platforms. As a matter of fact, 90% of social media content are videos. In this article, we will provide you some creative tips to make an effective video ad:

Keep it brief

There is no limitation on the length of the video. But it is always better to keep it short. According to experts, a 90 to 120-second video is enough, packed with a straightforward message. The goal is to keep the viewer’s attention and watching lengthy videos may bore them along the way.

Use common language

Do not use jargons in your marketing message. As much as possible, choose the words that are used by the majority. Your video ad will be useful if the viewers don’t understand your message in the first place.

Present the benefits

The video ad should always provide viewers a clear view of what they can benefit if they use your products or avail of your services. Always address the needs of your target audience. Tell them that your company has found the solution to their problem.

Use large logos

Logos tend to be small in video ads. But according to experts, it is better to enlarge logos in order to reinforce familiarity and increase affinity conversion, especially for new customers. Based on a study, a larger logo may increase the brand’s popularity by 24%, compared to a smaller logo.

Include call to action

When you post your video ad on TV, always include how they can avail of your products and services. If it is on social media platforms, it will be easier to integrate a “call-to-action” button. “Click this for more” “Get 10% off on your first purchase” and “Buy 1 Take 1” – these are just a few of the many attractive buttons that consumers will likely click.

There are a lot of ways to innovate your video. Just make sure that you can clearly convey your message.