6 Predicted Marketing Trends for 2018

Marketing consistently changes its face every year. There are new trends in the market and technology changes. Thus, marketers should keep up with these trends to keep their businesses relevant in the market. For 2018, here are some of the marketing trends that we predicted:

The voice will redefine search

As smartphones dominate today, most searches are done on mobile than desktop. Smartphones are equipped with voice features which can actually allow you to surf the web by just talking. In 2017, 20% of mobile searches are done through voice. It is expected to increase more in 2018.

Influencers will continue to rise

Since the birth of social media, influencers started gaining popularity. In 2018, more influencers will rise.  According to a study, 70% of YouTube subscribers trust the opinions of influencers. In fact, 71% of consumers based their purchases on the products being promoted by influencers.

Live chat will replace email

Communication has become more instant today. As businesses embrace social media apart from a website, connecting with consumers is much easier and more convenient. Social media platforms are equipped with live chat technology that instantly connects you with consumers. In 2018, businesses will invest more in social media managers to improve their customer service.

The authentic will outshine others

For the past few years, filters and fake news dominate our feeds. In 2018, businesses are gearing towards authenticity. They will go back to their roots of being raw. As much as possible, they want the truth to prevail. So, they will be serving their consumers brand new, original, and #nofilter products and services.

Everything should be clear

More consumers now are cautious of what they buy. Especially today that everything seems accessible. Products are attractively posted on digital platforms but in reality, it sucks. Now, they want transparency. All the details should be attached to the products. As much as they want, they will ask you until dawn.

Video is the king

Video has always been a part of marketing. But in 2018, it is expected to dominate the social media traffic. In 2017, 90% of social media content are videos. Next year, we will see more viral videos.

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