5 Simple Steps in Media Buying for Beginners

Media buying is not that complicated. Media buyers should undergo careful research and planning before choosing the right advertising platform to convey your marketing message. In this article, we will try to simplify to you the basic steps in media buying:

Identify your target audience

First of all, you have to identify your target audience. Male or female? Children or adults? What’s their average income? Questions like these will help you narrow your focus and identify your target market.

Research about the market

After identifying your target audience, it’s time to do a market research. In this part, you have to understand their values, their interests, and preferences. You have to know the trends in your market. Also, know their media consumption. Do they watch television? How often do they use social media? Do they listen to a radio? This will help you determine what medium to take in conveying your message.

Set realistic objectives

Let’s start the planning of your strategy. The first phase involves the setting of your goals. For startup businesses, their goal is to establish their brand and increase their popularity. For some established businesses, they focus on advertising their products and services. In your case, know what the goals of your business are. Make sure that they are realistic. Goals that are really achievable.

Plan out your strategy

This is the most crucial part of the planning. This will the basis of your implementation. First, identify your overall objectives and the methods that will make it possible to achieve. Next, identify the media outlets and opportunities. If you find out that your target audience are TV watchers at most times, determine the TV networks with wide and great viewership. Also, know about their rates. Make sure that it will not exceed your budget. Rates vary depending on the ad placement and how often you want your ad to be played.

Implement the plan

Of course, the last step is to start implementing the plan. Contact all media outlets and ask for their buy rates. After closing a negotiation, let your ads roll.


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